Thursday, January 10, 2013

Those Who Donated Time & Money To Make the Project a Success

A total of 387 volunteer hours went into my project.  The project cost over $4,000.  

Those who helped with the project:

Cameron Whiting
Micah Whiting
Ian Whiting
Ethan Whiting
Teancum Whiting
Rebecca Whiting
Elizabeth Whiting

James Whiting
Camille Whiting
Griff Sprout
Wyatt Bournazion
Jordan Crane
Joseph Crane
Colby Irene

Vince Irene
Golden Jones

Scot Jones
Caiden Lawrence
Brandon Linton
Nathan Linton
Logan Linton
Zack Linton
David Ruff
Kamden Sandall
Kyle Sandall
Zane Sandall
Erik Stueckler
Hannes Stueckler
Todd Sutton
Nathan Womack
Wyatt Womack
Walt Womack
Dominick Weigel
Brinkerhoff Weigel

Members of my Unit Who Donated Financially to the Project:

Dr. Michael Shane
Gary Barney
Dr. Jeffrey Fowler
Lloyd Larsen
Bonny Scott
Dr. Colton Crane
Richard Fagnant
Wendy Gibson
Dr. Todd Sutton
Dr. Robert Fowler
Dr. Vince Irene
Dr. Troy Jones
James & Camille Whiting
James H. Whiting

I would also like to give a big thanks to these people who helped make it all possible:
Sarah Felix
Mia Williams
Tara Romans
Don Reynolds
Kent Yung
and of course Camille and James Whiting who were with me the whole way.

Cause and Effect:
110 girls played softball this summer, with 20 coaches.  Adult softball had 15 teams with at least 15 players on each team.  The families of these softball players were benefited by my Eagle project and countless more will be for years to come.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Last Workday!

August 27, 2012 the day before I turn 13

After ordering the scoreboard and going through lots of phone calls and a few car drives the scoreboard arrived! The last part of my project.

Finishing Touches

After the fence was complete I came back with my family and put up the 10 foot gate and the small walk gate. Last but not least we added a plaque with my name on it and the peoples names that donated.

The Second Workday!

This workday was done with my family and a few other people. It was when I put the chain link up.

First you had to guide a tension bar through.

Then rolled the chain link out.

I used the big white van, some pulley's, and a few extra poles to make the fence tight.

Then we put top poles, ties, and some caps on top to make it work better and look nicer.

The First Workday!

People that arrived early were assigned to taking down the fence.
Twenty-six people showed up making it easier to do the job.

Then I assigned people to plant trees after teaching them how.

Then they did there own tree's

 I also assigned some people to put mulch under the trees.

Others put stacks in to attach string to the trees. This made it harder for them to bend but rather grow strait and beautiful.

Then came hauling water to the far trees that the hose couldn't reach.
You had to be inventive for that!

Then me and some adults squared out the area were the new fence would go using black string.

After perfecting the string we added a yellow string that is more visible and then started putting posts in.

After digging the holes for the posts I assigned people to level the poles and cement them in.

Of Course you have to have some food after a hard day's work.